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Tips and tricks for hostel experts

Do you meet people from around the world in a hostel?
Yes. Many of these travelers later become best friends, business partners, or even get married. So be open-minded to find your love at first sight and get ready to jump in and start a conversation with a lucky partner.

How to write a review of a hostel?
Keep in mind of these two things: 1) you are giving advice to other travelers and 2) you are suggesting the hostel managers on how to improve their business. If you write with anger or enthusiasm without giving facts, you are not adding any value. A valuable and good review always mention the location, the staff support, the atmosphere, the security, and the breakfast. These pointers will guide you on writing a valuable review.

Is it alright to share bathrooms in a hostel?
As long as you bring your towel and flip flops to the shower, you will be fine.

What are the disadvantages of staying at a hostel?
If you are in the right age and have positive enthusiasm, there will not be any disadvantage provided you are staying in a fabulous hostel. On the contrary, if you do not fall into any of these categories, you will find staying in a hostel to be crowded and rowdy.

Do you feel discomfort from lack of personal space in a hostel?
If you want to be alone, don’t book a hostel. If you want to socialize, that’s the place to go.

How can I wake up early in a hostel?
Place your phone alarm next to you so that it is readily available and can be turned off quickly. By doing so, you can avoid waking up other roommates. Do not just press the snooze button. Do not turn on the light of the room. If you are leaving for the airport, prepare your backpack the night before.

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