Guests are required to present a passport.

⭐ Things to know if it is your first time in a hostel

What to bring when you book a hostel?
Flip-flops, a small towel, a padlock, and a good attitude.

Do you need to bring a towel to a hostel?
A good hostel usually provides towels for free. But many hostels charge a fee or require a deposit. Therefore, it is recommended to bring along your towel. In the case that the hostel provides you a towel, use them because if you can safe time packing it and if not entirely dry, the towel will smell bad.

Can you bring a suitcase to a hostel?
You can bring any types and sizes of luggage so long you can carry.

Should I bring my toiletries to a hostel?
Yes. You need to bring your shampoo and soap.

How do you shower at a hostel?
The same way you shower in the gym. Bring your shampoo and your changing clothes. Don’t forget your towel. Also, you will be better with flip-flops.

What to do when a hostel limits its reception hours?
It has no purpose to pay for a receptionist for six hours just to check in 3 persons if those guests can follow some simple instructions for the self-check-in process. The purpose when hostels limits their reception hours is to keep its budget while saving costs for improving other areas of its business.

How are the bathrooms in a hostel?
Bathrooms are dorm-style or gym style: with several shower stalls and a row of sinks.

Does hostels have equipped kitchens?
Yes. If you want to save money during your travels by cooking your own meals, many hostels have fully equipped kitchens that you can use. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and taste new international flavors.

How does hostel serve breakfast?
Most hostels offer free breakfast because that’s a way to please their guests. Just keep in mind that the breakfast has good reviews. Bad reviewed hostels usually just provide some jam and bread. The great hostels put love into their breakfast.

Should I attend the hostel activities?
There is always something fun happening at good hostels, from excursions to socializing dinners. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet other travelers.

Are the bad reviews of a hostel a deal-breaker?
People who write reviews are usually polarized i.e. either lovers or haters of the hostel. Therefore, you must be prudent when you read an extremely good or bad review and stick to the facts abovementioned.

Should I book only one night in a hostel and consider extend my stay later?
Absolutely. If you don’t like the hostel, you are always free to leave. Many hostels have a policy of up to three days’ refund and hence, you are able to recoup the money spent.

What should I do to have a good night sleep in a shared dorm?
Earplugs and a blindfold.

How to be considerate to your roommates?
Don’t make unnecessary noises and pack your bags the night before you move out.

How can you secure your valuable items?
Keep your money and passport with you. Secure your computer and valuable things in the lockers.

Can I change my room?
If you don’t like your room or the people that you share with, ask the staff to change your room. This is very common.

Do hostels have washing and drying machines?
Yes. Some machines require coins while the latest models use a credit card payment.

Do you need a sleeping bag for hostels?
No. All hostels should provide clean sheets and linen.

Can I leave my backpack in a hostel?
You will have two options, you can either leave it in your room and under your bed, or inside a locker. Or if you have checked out, you can request to leave it in the luggage room.

Is there an age limit for shared dorms?
You must be at least 18 years old.

What are the general hostel rules?
Smoking, Alcohol & Narcotic consumption is strictly prohibited. Wash your dishes.

Can you stay in the common areas even when you have checked out?
Yes. Just take all your belongings from the room before check-out time.

How can you socialize in a hostel quickly?
Talk to single/solo travelers. They are usually open to conversations. Next, buy a cheap bear and share. Nobody will reject a beer in a hostel. Finally, get to learn about the city and discover something unique or adventurous. Then, show it to the partner you like.

Can you have visitors in a hostel?
No. Only those who have a booking can stay in the hostel for security reasons.

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