⭐ Is it dangerous to stay in a hostel?

Is it dangerous to stay in a hostel?
Hostels are generally safe. They are staffed 24 hours; most of them have security cameras installed and they have doors accessible to guests only. Also, hostels require an ID to check-in and a valid credit card to keep guests’ records in their system. In the event of any incidents occurred, the staff are able to act quickly and get in touch with the local police. If you ever felt uncomfortable or not feeling safe, let the staff know and ask for a room change.

Is a hostel safe?
If a hostel has a review score above 8 points you will be fine. Of course, you must always be prudent and keep your valuable things in the lockers and be careful in the streets late at night. Generally, hostels that are highly-ranked would have security cameras installed and the staff know how to handle different scenarios. All the hostels have a ranking review related to security, you can review their score to decide otherwise.

What do you wear to sleep in a hostel?
A t-shirt and short pants are the preferred choice.

Should a single solo female traveller stay in a female dorm?
If it is your first time in a hostel or it is a questionable reputation hostel, it is better to book a female dorm. However, if it is a decent hostel, you will be fine and safe in a mixed dorm. Remember that in both types of rooms you will still be able to meet other travelers.

Are hostels safe for girls?
Yes. Just make sure you are in a good hostel and the staff are taking good care of you. Most importantly, you must be prudent at any time particularly when drinking alcohol.

How can I secure my phone in the hostel room while sleeping?
Many hostels have installed plugs right next to your bed. Therefore, the best place to keep your phone and your credit card is with you.

Why do hostels require a passport on check in?
Two reasons: 1) Record keeping purpose for all guests and 2) security reason in case of something unexpected happens. Usually, the preferred ID is a Passport as most of the guests will be carrying them.

Is it safe to bring a laptop to the hostel?
Yes. Just secure the laptop in a locker.

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