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⭐ What is precisely a hostel?

What precisely is a hostel?
A hostel is a budget accommodation with rooms shared among travelers. In other words, your accommodation reservation will be for a particular bed space and not a private room for yourself. Each room may comprise from four beds or up to one hundred beds, as seen with some capsule hostels in Japan.

Do you know the difference between a hostel and a hotel?
Hostels are a social community lifestyle and cost a fraction of the price of staying in a hotel. Meanwhile, a hotel provides privacy, individual lifestyle, and private rooms.

What are the advantages of staying at a hostel?
Three main advantages:
  1. Meet people that share the same interests
  2. Save money on accommodation
  3. Get the best tips for your travel adventure.

What is your ideal hostel?
There are four categories of hostels: 1) boutique hostels, 2) party-social hostels, 3) family hostels, and 4) unfriendly hostels. Do a research so you don’t end up on a cheap, unpleasant, and unfriendly hostel.

Why are hostels inexpensive?
The price of a room is paid by several guests and not just by one person. For example, a private room in a hotel can cost $150, but if that is divided among 10 people, each person will be paying only $15.

What do you call a person living in a hostel?
Hosteler or hostelite.

Who invented the first hostel?
Richard Schirrmann and Wilhelm Münker in 1912 in Germany.

How many hostels are there in the world?
15,643 Hostels.

Why is it called a hostel?
In Latin hospitale means “large house or inn”.

What makes a good hostel good?
Comfortable and inviting common areas that invite social interaction, housekeeping, location, security value for the money and the atmosphere. This is further underlined by educated staff, and a free sumptuous breakfast.

What is the hostel trend in the world?
Firstly, popular hostels are incorporating socializing diners. Secondly, they are changing the bunk beds to capsule beds or bunk beds with curtains. Finally, they are integrating new apps for smooth online check-in process. Not to forget that the hostels are putting more attention to the interior design which make them beautiful to stay in.

Is the hostel industry threatened by Airbnb?
No. The hostels have a unique selling proposition that Airbnb does not, that is the social atmosphere.

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