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The people behind our magic...

Nivaneth Poma

#TequilaSunriseHostelAustralia welcomed Niva, a Peruvian nurse turned hospitality enthusiast. With a diverse journey spanning Italy and Australia, Niva's passion for hospitality flourished. Starting as a guest, she now extends the hostel's warmth to fellow guests, embracing them into the Tequila Sunrise family. 🏨🌟 #HospitalityJourney

Eleni Xipaki Manning
Surfers Paradise Manager

Eleni Xipaki Manning, an experienced hospitality professional with a rich background in restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, brings nearly 20 years of expertise to Tequila Sunrise hostel on the Gold Coast, Australia. Born in Australia and raised in Greece, her multicultural journey has enriched her dedication to exceptional customer service. Having managed her own gym and Airbnb, Eleni's passion for hospitality shines through her role. #GoldCoastHostel #HospitalityExpert #TequilaSunrise #HospitalityExcellence 🏨🌟 

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Johanna Celis
Adelaide Manager

#TequilaSunriseHostelAdelaide's Johanna Celis, a hospitality standout with a degree and unwavering commitment to guest service. Thriving in a supportive team, she's driven optimized experiences. Passionate about ice cream and history, her dedication fuels the hostel's success. 🏨🌟 #HospitalityExcellence

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Susana Rojas
Guatemala Manager

#GuatemalaCityHostel's Administrative & Accounting Assistant, Susana, fuels growth, prioritizing guest delight. Exceptional service led by hosts like Cristhiam, Jhonder Carol, Jacky, & Danilo amplifies standards. Joyful interactions, admin prowess, and a dedicated team amplify success. 🏨🌟 #HospitalityExcellence

Luisa Torres
Sydney Manager

#TequilaSunriseHostelSydney's Luisa, a powerhouse with a Business Management degree and postgrad HR qualification. Flourishing for 4 months, she's driven by a strong work ethic and efficient task execution. Passionate about adventure, travel, and more, she creates a welcoming atmosphere for unforgettable guest experiences. 🏨🌟 #HospitalityMastery

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Tom Carr

#AustraliaJourney: Tom's saga is extraordinary. From globetrotting to semi-pro football, he surged into accounting. A Qantas stint saw him excel, completing the chartered accounting program. Now, as Director at #TequilaSunrise, he orchestrates admin, finance, reporting, and more. Tom's evolution from footballer to Partner signifies his unwavering pursuit of growth. Adept, dedicated, and driven, he's a prized asset for clients and colleagues alike. 🏨🌟 #AccountingExcellence

Alfonso Abril

#TequilaSunriseOrigins: Alfonso Abril, hailing from Guatemala ('84), inaugurated his inaugural hostel in 2013. Migrating with family to Australia in Feb 2018, his diverse ventures mirror his spirited entrepreneurship and dedication to societal betterment. 🏨🌟 #TequilaSunriseJourney

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