Hostel in Adelaide, South Australia

šŸ‘® Security

šŸ‘® Security

To ensure the safety and security of our guests, the main door of the hostel remains closed at all times, granting access only to registered guests. Upon check-in, each guest will receive a unique access code to enter the premises.

For added security, our hostel is equipped with 16 cameras connected to a cloud system, allowing our staff to monitor the surroundings and respond promptly to any incidents. In the rare event of an incident, we cooperate fully with the authorities, and the recorded footage can be accessed by the police if necessary.

We provide lockers for guests to store their valuables; however, we do not supply padlocks. We recommend guests bring their own padlocks for added peace of mind.

In case of any incidents, the website of South Australia Police is, and their emergency phone number is 131444.

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