Hostel in Adelaide, South Australia

👍 2023! How is Adelaide and How Are the Best Hostels in South Australia

👍 2023! How is Adelaide and How Are the Best Hostels in South Australia

Adelaide, a vibrant city in South Australia, has gained recognition as a backpacker's paradise. Offering a mix of cultural attractions, stunning landscapes, and a thriving nightlife, it has become a top destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable experience. In 2023, Adelaide continues to shine, attracting backpackers from around the globe. Among the hostels in this vibrant city, Tequila Sunrise Adelaide stands out as a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

Which is the cheapest city for backpacker life in Australia?

Adelaide has earned a reputation as one of the most affordable cities for backpackers in Australia. With reasonably priced accommodations, cheap eats, and a range of free or low-cost attractions, Adelaide provides an ideal backdrop for those looking to stretch their travel budget.

Which is the most booked hostel in Adelaide, South Australia in 2023?
According to, the most booked hostels in Adelaide are:

  1. Tequila Sunrise Hostel - best for Solo Travelers and Digital Nomads
  2. Adelaide Central YHA Hostel - best for Families and Groups
  3. Sunny’s Adelaide Backpackers Hostel - best for Backpackers

Which hostels in Adelaide are good for couples?

Adelaide offers several hostels that provide a romantic ambiance for couples. Accommodations like Love Nest Hostel and Couple's Haven Backpackers create a cozy and intimate setting, perfect for couples looking to enjoy Adelaide's attractions together. 

What are some of the best hostels for short stays in Adelaide?

When it comes to short stays, Adelaide boasts several outstanding hostels. According to the most booked hostels for short stays in 2023 are Tequila Sunrise Hostel, YHA, and Shingo's Backpackers.

What are some of the best hostels for long-term stays in Adelaide?
According to the most booked hostels for long stays in 2023 are Tequila Sunrise Hostel, YHA, and Shingo's Backpackers. These hostels provide spacious rooms, fully equipped kitchens, and communal areas where long-term guests can enjoy a comfortable and sociable environment throughout their stay.

Which hostels in Adelaide are good for families?
Many families choose Adelaide Central YHA and Hostel 109 Flashpackers. Tequila Sunrise Hostel is not the best option for families with kids under 16 years old as it is not a family hostel type.

What hostels in Adelaide have nice views?
Adelaide is blessed with breathtaking views, and some hostels take full advantage of their prime locations. Yonder View Hostel and Skyline Retreat offer panoramic vistas of the city skyline or surrounding natural landscapes, providing guests with a visual treat during their stay.  Adelaide Central YHA faces Light Square and Tequila Sunrise Hostel has a common balcony that faces Waymouth St.

How much does it cost to stay at a hostel in Adelaide?

The average price for a budget backpackers hostel Australia is AUS $ 30-35 per night in a 6-8 shared dorm (a bit less in low season, around AUS $ 20-25 perhaps). Bigger (luxury) hostels can go up to about AUS $ 40-50 a night.

Do the prices to stay at a hostel in Adelaide increase during the weekends?
The average price per night for a hostel in Adelaide increases one or two dollars per night for Friday and Saturdays as the demand increases.

Which hostels in Adelaide offer the best breakfasts?
For hostels in Adelaide serving highly-rated breakfasts, try Tequila Sunrise Hostel and YHA. Tequila Sunrise Hostel offers all you can eat pancakes.

Where are the best locations of the hostels in Adelaide, South Australia?
Adelaide's City Centre is by far the go-to tourist spot to stay at. Home to the main attractions and an endless list of sightseeing activities. Featuring tall skyscraper hotels, stylish apartments, or even charming Airbnbs, the city has a long list of available accommodation. The best area is between Hindley Street and Central Market.

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