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🆓 Free Things to Do In Adelaide, Australia

Explore your dream city

Adelaide is one of the most habitable cities worldwide. South Australia’s capital is home to nature’s enchanting smile. Hence, it is no surprised that the city has become a popular tourist spot. Backpackers Adelaide can plan a five-day trip on a budget successfully. If you are looking to have fun on your vacation in Adelaide, there are some free things you should consider doing. Learn more.

Free Things to Do For Backpackers Adelaide

Backpackers enjoy independent travelling on a budget. More so, you can lodge in a top-rated hostel Adelaide. We have compiled some memorable things to do when you visit Adelaide.

  1. Enjoy the local culinary/Visit the central market

Adelaide’s culinary has received more attention over the last decade. Places like the elaborate Orana might be expensive. However, you can enjoy touring Adelaide Central Market. You will find everything from espresso-rubbed Italian cheese to karkalla kimchi.  When you visit on specific days, you can take a look at free samples from vendors.

Afterward, you can check out Haigh’s Chocolates to learn about their premium chocolates. Southern Australia has been described as “the driest state in the driest continent.” Yet, it gives an exceptional yield of fresh farm products, seafood, and hormone-free meats. Learning about South Australia’s food history always has a satisfying feeling.

  1. The Bradman Collection

Donald is widely considered the greatest batsman of all time. Backpackers Adelaide loves cricket and can enjoy his collection of letters, voice recordings, newspapers, balls, posters, and clothing. His collection was collected over five decades and had a cultural significance. It is not only a sporting shrine; it also gives you hindsight into the pre-war era.

  1. Botanic Gardens of Adelaide

Adelaide is a green city with 19 parks now covering almost half of the city area. The majestic Botanic Gardens reflects the much-loved Victorian horticulture. The picturesque site of well-established lawns, ponds in the Australian Native Garden, Wetland, and Garden of Health feature over 60,000 plants.

Exotic plants like the Wollemi Pine, Amazonica waterlily, and 19th-century conservatories allow you to enjoy some minutes of personal reflection. Botanical gardens here are best enjoyed at guided walk programs and special events all year round.

  1. Visit the cultural hubs

Discover historic Aboriginal artefacts at The grand South Australian Museum. There are over 3000 natural and cultural exhibits on display. The State Library and Art Gallery of South Australia flank the cultural boulevard North Terrace and backpackers in Adelaide can enjoy various historical and contemporary art. Just some yards away is the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, a renowned city home for artists.

  1. Visit the beach

Adelaide takes pride in its 30km of coastline. Glenelg is widely visited because it is easily accessible. Tourists usually have fun sunbathing or playing volleyball. Couples also enjoy some privacy at the less-crowded beautiful spots. Watching the sunset over the ocean with an exotic beach is always fulfilling. Popular places are Henley’s SeaSalt, Brighton, and Port Noarlunga.  

  1. Attend a festival

The “Festival state” nickname of South Australia is not a mere coincidence. Festive time reaches its peak in February and March. Relish the mural-covered walls seen in the Wonderwalls Fest. Other popular events include the Tour Down Under, Superloop 500 OzAsia, Tarnanthi, guitar and cabaret festivals, Feast, and the Adelaide Film Festival.

Other important things to do

  • Visit important parks such as the Coorong National Park and Baudin Conservation Park.
  • Take a trip to the National Wine Centre of Australia.
  • Take a hike at the Heysen Trail or Mt. Lofty Ranges.
  • See the wonders of the revitalized Port Adelaide.
  • Listen to the local music

Bottom line

Backpackers Adelaide can enjoy the best of fine arts, gastronomy, shopping, and outdoor activity. Adelaide is home to treasurable stones from South Australian mines, and you will find exotic wines and food in the central district. If you will be in the beautiful and clean city of Adelaide for five days, you can create beautiful memories by visiting the places discussed in this article.

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