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🎒 Backpacking with a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

🎒 Backpacking with a Working Holiday Visa in Australia

What you need to know if you plan to travel to Australia 🌏

Backpacking with a Work and Holiday Visa or a Tourist Visa in Australia 

When you go backpacking across Australia, which are the key destinations?

The key destinations are Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Adelaide, and Perth.

Which are the best hostels to backpack in Australia?

The best places for travellers and work and holiday visas according to Hostelgeeks are: Sydney Harbour YHA in Sydney, Space Hotel in Melbourne, Bounce Hostel in Cairns, Breeze Lodge in Brisbane, Budds in Gold Coast, Wake Up! in Byron Bay, Hostel G Perth in Perth, and Tequila Sunrise Hostel in Adelaide. If you move around those hostels, you will have the best time in Australia.

How long can you stay in a hostel in Australia?
A hostel is considered a short-term accommodation. However, you can talk to the receptionists of your preferred hostel and extend your stay for longer periods. You can even negotiate the price and pay in advance every week for a better deal.

In Australia, do the hostels keep your passport?
No. They just require it for checking in and scan it, then give it back to guests.

Is Australia dangerous for backpackers?
Australia is one of the safest countries in the world and the police are widely respected and act immediately when a situation arises.

How much money do you need to travel to Australia for 3 months?

The amount of money you need to travel to Australia for 3 months can vary greatly depending on your travel style and preferences. As a rough estimate, budgeting around $8,000 to $12,000 AUD is recommended. This should cover accommodation, transportation, food, activities, and other expenses during your stay. Some people can even secure jobs and save money when backpacking around Australia.

What is the recommended budget for a backpacker to live in Australia?

The recommended budget for a backpacker to live in Australia can also vary depending on individual circumstances. However, a general guideline is to budget around $70 to $100 AUD per day for basic expenses like accommodation, meals, transportation, and entertainment. This can help ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience while exploring Australia. Fortunately, many backpackers find jobs and continue traveling and working at the same time. The jobs can easily pay between $25 per hour up to $50 per hour, depending on the skill level. Therefore, many backpackers find it reasonable to keep traveling around Australia for long periods.

How much money do you need to have in your bank account to go to Australia?
With a work and holiday visa, you are required to have one bank statement proving access to a minimum AUD$5,000.

Tips for saving money as a Backpacker in Australia
The three largest expenses are accommodation, transportation, and food. If you book the right hostel, you will be in the right location and you will spend minimum money on transportation. Always try to get a better deal from the reception of the hostel and offer to pay a week in advance for better deals. As for food, look out for the special deals at the local supermarkets.

Where do most backpackers come from?
They come from France, England, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, Israel, and Canada.

Why do you find some long-termers in the hostels in Australia?
Many work and holiday visas and international students find it convenient to stay in hostels because they do not need to lock in on lease agreement/contracts nor do they have to buy furniture or pay utility bills. Staying for the long term in a hostel is a common practice if you are an international young traveler. However, if a hostel starts allowing residents to live in a hostel for long-term, the atmosphere will start breaking apart. Therefore, it is recommended only if they are international work and holiday visas or international students.

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